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Every email entering our network from the outside is processed by a series of filters before being distributed to the user. The purpose of these filters is to limit the amount of incoming spam. All the filters operate mainly at the level of the SMTP protocol, based on where is the message coming from or, rarely, on "signatures" found in the message headers or within the mail body.

Main filtering metrics are:

Approaching 100% spam block: Spamhaus releases the Domain Block List

Fonte: The Spamhaus Project »
1 March 2010: The Spamhaus Project is proud to release its newest spam-blocking advisory list to the world's internet users, th... [...]

State of Maine AG OKs Spam List

Fonte: The Spamhaus Project »
The idea of "opt in" is central to the legitimate, non-spam use of bulk e-mail. Without "opt in" policies, any and all e-mail [...]

DarkMarket "loner" soon to have many new friends

Fonte: The Spamhaus Project »
Unfortunatly for Renukanth Subramaniam, the "loner with a modest lifestyle" who helped run the secretive website where cybercrim... [...]
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