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You have reached this page either because you are visiting our antispam pages, or because you obtained its URL from a mail rejected by one of our mail servers.

In the latter case, our mail server rejected your mail due to UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) filters. We use several kinds of UCE filters, and from the error message embedded in the returned message you should be able to figure out which filter caused your mail to be rejected.

Your mail may have been filtered by anti-relay rules, or by a filter on your IP address, or by a filter on your domain name, or by a filter on your address. For IP addresses we use public real-time blocking databases such as SBL, XBL, NJABL, SpamCop, as well as databases maintained by us such as LOSABL. Filters on domain names and email addresses are exclusively controlled by a filtering table maintained by us. Our filters and insertion/deletion policies are detailed in another page.

If the error message contains the string "dynamic IP", you are probably running a mail server directly out of a dialup or DSL connection with a dynamically assigned IP address. If the error message contains the string LOSABL, you are running your mailserver either on a dynamically assigned IP address, or you are located in an area of the Internet with important security problems. Please go to the LOSABL page for more informations.

If the error message contains references to SBL, XBL, NJABL, SpamCop, your message has been probably sent by an insecure system that can be abused by a third party to send spam throughout the world. To solve the problem we suggest you to ask your system administrator to follow the link toward the appropriate database that we indicated in the error message (but it is quite likely that your server will be listed by more than one database).

If the error message contains a reference to SURBL, the filter you encountered is based on contents: our mailservers found a link within the message pointing to a site considered related to spam operations or hosting a malware or phishing pages. In this case we invite you to contact the SURBL project, and treat the issue with SURBL directly. We can operate a whitelisting to avoid the block you're encountering, but you maight be interested in solving the problem at the root directly.

If the error message contains the string SBL, your system administrator or your ISP should contact the Spamhaus Project to be removed (this requires the prior elimination of spammers located within your network).

In all other cases, we probably inserted your IP address, your domain or your email address into a local database. We do our best to avoid inconveniences to legitimate mail. Before inserting a domain or a network in the UCE filters we always try to make sure that the domain or network in question is directly associated to the spammer or to a company endorsing spam, and is not the domain or network of an ISP, and we never insert organizations on the basis of fake return addresses made up by spammers.

Nevertheless, we may occasionally do mistakes, and therefore we give you here an easy way to communicate with us. If your mail is being erroneously filtered, please state your reasons in the form above and submit it. You will reach our antispam operation staff. Usually within two working days, we will examine your case, consult some databases, perhaps ask you some questions, and if the entry will turn out to be erroneous you will be removed from the filters. We do not handle cases by telephone, therefore calling us instead of filling this form is a waste of time.

Before submitting the form, you may also wish to examine the spam definition we have adopted.

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