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The word spam has nowadays a well-grounded negative connotation. Therefore - unavoidably - several operators sending unsolicited mail are trying to redefine the meaning of the word, in order to be able to claim: I am not a spammer!

Of course, the substance of actions cannot be changed by changing the meaning of words. However, for the sake of clarity, we feel necessary to clear any doubt of interpretation by defining precisely what we mean with the term spam. It is intended that, in other pages of our site, we refer to "spam" according to the definition given here.

The definition endorsed by Spin is the one published by Spamhaus; is shared by several other Internet operators, and reflects how the term spam has generally come to be used and understood by a majority of its victims, and by a majority of the people who are getting stuck with the bill for carrying, storing and delivering this unsolicited mass junk.

An electronic message is spam if:

Please not that this definition has nothing to do with the content of the message.

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