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LOSABL is populated daily by our staff by analyzing spam samples, consulting reverse DNS and whois records, but most importantly by checking the spam emission and security record of IP addresses in proximity of those of observed spam samples, using other public databases such as CBL, XBL, NJABL. Regions with a high density of listings -therefore insecure- find their way into LOSABL, whose main nature is therefore of prevention. For this reason LOSABL stops spam difficult to block using other methods, and has been extremely effective globally until Spamhaus released its PBL.

  1. Receiving from our servers a notification of bounced mail due to a LOSABL listing does not mean that we consider the sender to be a spammer. If you received such a notification, one of these two possibilities will apply to your case:your IP address is dynamically assigned. In this case we are unlikely to remove the address from LOSABL, because no one can guarantee for the security level of that address. However the problem of blocked mail can be easily solved, and we refer you to this page for its resolution
  2. your IP address is statically assigned and you (or someone else within your organization) can guarantee for its security. Then we will remove your IP address from LOSABL: just ask using this form, indicating clearly the IP address(es) under your direct control. Note that you were added to LOSABL due to serious security problems on your IP or its immediate neighborhoods. Therefore, we may ask you to have a look at all the problematic IP addresses under your control.

At this time LOSABL is available only to Spin customers and mailservers belonging to the Spin antispam circuit. If you are not a Spin customer yet you would be interested in getting LOSABL, we will appreciate if you let us know, as we may decide to widen the LOSABL distribution at a later time.

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