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ERASABL (Excessive Resource Allocation to Spammers Areas Blocking List) started in 2006 as a DNSBL implementation of our database of spammers' IP addresses -internally maintained since 1997- and represents a sort of integration for "direct spam sources" databases like Spamhaus's SBL.

Since the CAN-SPAM Act took place in USA, several spammers had the chance to "legalize" their business, simply accepting to stop manipulate headers trying to hide their real location.

This obviously allows to locate and identify these spammers in a simpler way, and their reply was to obtain by ISPs several netblocks, moving their activities from one to another in the moment a major DNSBL locates and lists them. This practice is usually called "snowshoeing".

ERASABL's duty is therefore to act preventively, listing these netblocks allocated mainly or entirely to spammers as we locate them until major DNSBLs do the same, reducing the time-window during which they're allowed to spam. It's used also to block specific and static spam sources, like insecure systems and IPs where an infection is taking place and is spreading worms and/or spams.

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