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ERASABL is populated daily by our staff by analyzing spam samples, consulting reverse DNS and whois records, but most importantly by collaborating with other ISPs and operators wanting to share their informations to identify new abuse sources.

We also use ERASABL to list single IPs where spammer, scammers or phishers are acting, like insecure webservers, abused relays and so on.

Receiving from our servers a notification of bounced mail due to a ERASABL listing does not mean that we consider the sender to be a spammer. If you received such a notification, one of these two possibilities will apply to your case:

  1. Your server is -or has been in the past- abused by somebody and has been seen emitting spam/scams/phishing. In this case we'll remove your IP address from ERASABL as soon as you notify us that your problem has been solved. Use our contact form to get in contact with our staff.
  2. Your IP address lies in a netblock where intense spam activities take place. Some ISPs, in fact, use to voluntarily alternate "real customers" to "rogue" netblocks, using them as "human shields". In this case we'll exclude your servers' IPs from ERASABL if your upstream is still carrying on the kind of activities that brought to the listing. Use the contact form to get in contact with our staff.

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